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Our Sydney Child Care Centres

After starting Raising Stars Early Learning Centre Five Dock back in 2016, Raising Stars are proud to have grown a strong childhood support and learning experience that is loved by many.

Thanks to our amazing family support teams, experienced educators, and a focus on world class play spaces and learning environments, we are excited to provide our family run child care offering across three locations surrounding the Sydney CBD.

Nature corner at Raising Stars Early Learning Centre

A Learning Approach to Child Care

When it comes to child care, each Raising Stars childcare centre aims to offer the most welcoming, enjoyable, productive and educational early childhood experience possible. With a focus on every detail – from play based learning to organic, natural food provided by our on-site chefs – you can be sure that your requirements will be met, and that your child will be supported and cared for.

We ensure that our qualified educators and teachers are here to provide education through diverse teaching approaches and play based learning experiences. A significant part of these experiences also comes in the form of incursions and excursions, which are regularly carried out in order to provide Raising Stars children with experiences that are social, educational and fun.

A Strong Family Support Team

Our amazing staff teams provide the best early education and care possible.

We understand the pressure that you can undergo as a parent, as well as the stress that your children can experience. From the first steps of helping your child adjust to childcare, our team will be there to manage any feelings of nervousness and anxiety that children can experience.

At Raising Stars child care and learning centres, we take a number of steps to ensure that staff turnover rates are minimised, and that your child is consistently supported by role models and care figures.

In addition to many of our staff members being long term Raising Stars team members, many of them are qualified educators with significant child care experience.

Developing Healthy Habits

At Raising Stars, we take a rounded approach to child care – in addition to our commitments to education, socialisation and more, we put a significant focus on the development of healthy habits from a young age.

This approach to education and care is supported by our on-site chefs, who will provide your child with five healthy meals a day.

By sticking to fresh vegetables, organic meat and healthy recipes, you can be sure that your child will be developing good eating habits that support childhood development – from early morning meals to afternoon tea.

Diverse Educational Topics and Learning Experiences

At Raising Stars, we ensure that our educational programs encourage positive learning for your child across a number of areas, whether in regard to creative thinking, critical thinking, language skills, or otherwise.

Our family support team strives to ensure that all children at Raising Stars get the best in education covering maths, literacy, art, science, and sports. Our approach to the early years learning framework even includes subjects of creative expression (such as dance), and a multi-lingual program which can include classes in Mandarin and Italian.

In addition to providing an education and developing skills that will stick with them throughout their life, our curriculum provides a fantastic foundation for educational habits and knowledge as your child enters school and other daily learning environments more broadly.

Convenient Locations in Suburbs Around the Sydney CBD

Our convenient child care centres can be found in three locations throughout Sydney NSW – Five Dock, Gladesville and Gregory Hills. Our centres are located in areas surrounding the Sydney CBD, and with everything from pram parking and public transport to easy building entry and lift access considered, you can be sure that your visits to our Sydney child care centre will be as easy and hassle free as possible.

Taking a closer look at our child care facilities and learning environments, Raising Stars offers state of the art day care environments that ensure your child will have fun, feel welcome and comfortable, and learn as much as possible. Designed by experts, our learning areas and playgrounds consider everything important for a positive environment that is friendly to children and meets their needs – natural light, play equipment, learning rooms and more, each contributing to the best available learning and child care environment for your child.

Enquire or Book a Tour at a Location Near You

If you are interested in finding out more about enrolments, facilities and more at any of our child care locations, check out the pages below, get in touch or book a tour today. We would love to explore how your child could become a part of the Raising Stars family.

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