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Child Care Gladesville

We are taking expressions of interest now!

Five Dock Child Care Location

Raising Stars Early Learning Centres offer high quality, owner operated education and child care experiences tailored for children aged 0-6 years. We are very excited to bring our child care offering to the families of Gladesville and its surroundings.

In building on our selection of child care centres in Sydney, our state-of-the-art centre will be conveniently located in Gladesville and is planned to open in early 2024! Don’t miss out – with child care vacancies available now, make an expression of interest today to secure a place.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to the Raising Stars child care family.

Experienced Early Childhood Educators

At Raising Stars Early Learning Care Gladesville, we aim to ensure that your children love their daycare experience.

Our education and care programs follow the early years learning framework, and are developed to ensure that your child develops personally as well as on an educational basis. 

Play based learning and education across all areas of development is an important aspect of our child care centre programs and approaches.

This play based learning approach ensures that your child is receiving a well rounded early childhood experience, and can learn with healthy social and emotional development alongside educational experiences that prepare them for school and life more broadly.

Each early childhood educator at Raising Stars Gladesville child care centre is highly experienced and qualified in what they do. The Raising Stars staff teams have been known for their high quality and low turnover, so that kids can form long term relationships with their educators and experience early childhood in a warm, safe and familiar environment.

Our child care programs include everything necessary for a well rounded child care experience – maths, literacy, language, art and more. We also include incursions and excursions within our educational programs, and encourage positive approaches to health in all areas of our care.

A Focus on Early Childhood Development

A Purpose Built, State of the Art Child Care Centre

  • A friendly, welcoming and nurturing community
  • Developing relationships
  • Making education exciting for children
  • A focus on physical and mental health of children
  • A warm, caring and passionate team of childcare staff
  • Well rounded experiences with incursions and excursions.
  • Child care programs tailored to your child’s interests and needs.
  • Purpose built Gladesville centre with state of the art facilities
  • School readiness program and early learning curriculum designed for school preparation

Raising Stars early learning environments are designed and developed to encourage the best possible early childhood learning experience.

With development of the Gladesville centre planned for completion in 2021, our facilities, layout and design are state of the art, meaning that your child will be able to take advantage of some of the best child care facilities in the area.

The Raising Stars Gladesville centre focuses on play based learning, where play areas encourage and facilitate children’s educational experience, ensuring that your children’s child care experience is as beneficial as possible.

Our Gladesville centre also includes an onsite chef, who will provide organic, natural meals to your child five times a day – no food in a packet for children at Raising Stars!

Raising Stars Gladesville Early Learning Centre

We welcome all questions and queries about Raising Stars Gladesville! We are taking expressions of interest now, in anticipation of a early 2024 opening. Don’t miss the opportunities at Raising Stars Gladesville!

As an owner operated offering, the Raising Stars family offers a fantastic experience for children and families that is personal, extensive and high quality.

Get in contact and we will be happy to provide details and answer any questions you might have, including opening hours, facilities, wanting to book a tour, our early childhood education programs, or more.


Address: 23-25 Higginbotham Road, Gladesville, NSW 2111

Raising Stars Gladesville Early Learning Centre

Phone: 1800 84 88 86

Email : info@raisingstars.com.au